Enjoy a special evening and “TASTE MINORI”

Every year for about a week, the entire town of Minori is involved in the eno-gastronomic event called “Gusta Minori”, which we may translate as “Taste Minori”.

For more than a decade, this event gives hundreds of audiences the opportunity to “taste” Minori, both from an artistic and culinary point of view.

A new theme is chosen each year, it is usually related to the history of Minori and the entire Amalfi Coast as well, such as the story of Masaniello or the ancient deeds of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

Each visitor relives the enchantment of history and it is transported back in time thanks to the wise and spectacular combination of singing, acting, dancing and food. In fact, every year the menu is inspired by the historic period that they want to celebrate.

For those who decide to spend some days on the Amalfi Coast, “Gusta Minori” is for sure the occasion to relive the magic of these places and to be overwhelmed by their scents, colors and unique favors.

You are all invited to take part to the representation and celebration of the “Taste of Minori”!

Photos courtesy gustaminori.it

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