FAQs about Traveling to the Amalfi Coast

Preparing in advance for your vacation to the Amalfi Coast is a great idea! Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful in your preparations. As always, we're available to our guests to answer any questions or concerns. We're locals who live here full time and have a unique perspective on the area. Expect peace of mind knowing that our team is on hand at the Positano office to meet your needs and maximize your holiday time.


What's the best way to get to Positano / the Amalfi Coast?

Please carefully read our informative post on how to reach Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

Can I take the train to Positano?

There are no trains that arrive directly to Positano.  Please read our suggestions on the best ways to arrive.

How do we get around Positano?

Positano is nicknamed "The Vertical City" for good reason.  It's a dramatic landscape that cascades from the hilltops directly into the sea.  The homes and villas are built directly into the rock, and often one on top of another, creating the picturesque scene beloved by everyone who visits. 

Walking:  This gorgeous landscape WILL require you to walk a lot and climb/descend many stairs. Just think of how much pasta and wine you can consume guilt-free.

Local bus:  This is a good and economical option, however during the summer months the bus will be hot and crowded.

Taxi:  The taxis are available at nearly all hours of day/night, however even short-distance rides are expensive.  By far this is the most convenient way to get around Positano.  They can be called in advance for a pick-up or found at a taxi stand.

Scooter:  Motor scooters can be rented in Positano and are a convenient way to travel around this coast.  As the driving habits here are very different, we would recommend this option only if one has previous experience.  This is NOT the place to learn how to drive a scooter.

Can we use Uber?

No.  Uber does not exist here.

Can we catch a taxi from the beach or ferry port?

No.  Vehicles (cars, taxis, buses) are prohibited down at the beach.  You must walk (about 10-15 min.) uphill and via stairs from the beach or ferry up to town center (Piazza dei Mulini), where you can wait for the local bus, take a taxi, or walk to your destination.

Are there a lot of stairs?

Travel guides mention the abundance of steps in the vertical town of Positano. But they either do not convey just how vertiginous the town is, or people perhaps gloss over it. Either way, first-time visitors are often surprised. Make no mistake: There are many steps. There likely will be steps from the road to the entrance of your villa. Wherever you stay, there are many steps to the beaches and ferry dock.

If steps might be a problem for someone in your party, get local advice from us directly. Certain properties and possibly other villages may better accommodate the needs of seniors and small children. On the plus side, with all those steps there's no need for a gym! And keep in mind that the vertical nature of the town is what creates all those stunning views from every angle!

Is there parking?

It's rare for any properties to have a dedicated parking space.  There is hourly street parking, but it's difficult to find during busy summer months. A daily-fee parking garage can be arranged if requested in advance. Parking in general along the Amalfi Coast is very difficult (even for local residents) and often non-existent.

Should we rent a car?

Unless you are familiar with the region and have experience driving in Italy, a rental car is not recommended particularly in Positano. Most villas and homes do not have parking.  Public parking spaces are limited and costly, and roads are tricky to say the least. Roads are a shared resource (large tour buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, cyclists, pedestrians) and mostly single lane. They are slow moving year-round and extremely crowded in summer.

You don't need a rental car to get around. If you want to tour various towns along the coast, the ferry is a far better option. You may also consider hiring a boat for the day, or a semi-private boat tour. When ground transportation is needed, local bus service, taxis, and hired car services can fill your needs.  If you want to visit more distant sites, such as Pompeii, a licensed private tour guide/driver is recommended.


Are the beaches sandy?

Beaches along the Amalfi Coast are generally rocky/pebbly and not sandy.  We recommend a sturdy pair of flip-flops or a pair of acqua socks. Read more about what we recommend packing for your trip!

What's a beach club?

Beach clubs (or "lido") vary in quality and cost, but it's technically not a "club" you have to join.  You'll see several of these clubs on Positano's main beach with multi-colored umbrellas and chairs laid out in neat rows.  Generally it's a good idea to get to the beach early, decide where you'd like to go, and have the club attendant show you to your chairs - hopefully near the front row.  There is typically a daily flat fee for the chairs/umbrella, use of the shower, and changing rooms.  Each club will have its own restaurant or beach bar that you may order lunch from while enjoying the day.  Keep in mind that the higher-end beach clubs require reservations, often weeks in advance.

Do we have to go to a beach club?

No. There are public beach areas sectioned off for use as well.  However there are no chairs or other services provided.


Can we check-in early?

An early check-in can ONLY be organized if deemed possible by the property representative and upon completion of the cleaning process.  It's acceptable to leave luggage at the property early, with the formal guest check-in happening later in the day.  However several days' advanced notice is required.

Can we check-in late?

Considering the amount of guests we are assisting and providing services for on a daily basis, a late check-in (past 18.00) is NOT desirable.  Check-ins after 18.00 that we have not been made aware of well in advance will incur a EUR 50 (cash) fee; check-ins after 20.00 will incur a EUR 100 (cash) fee.  Of course there are conditions that may prevent the check-in from happening at the agreed hour, such as a delayed flight arrival or lost luggage, which will be considered.


What should we pack?

Read our short article on what to pack in your suitcase for your big trip! Remember to keep things light. Traveling in Europe in general with lots of luggage can often be stressful. While in transit to your destination, you'll likely be taking trains and/or buses. In Positano in particular there are stairs everywhere, which make carrying large or heavy suitcases very difficult. 

How much cash should we bring?

Before your trip, we recommend pre-ordering some cash (euros) from your local bank.  This will help cover the property's cash damage deposit on arrival (if applicable), any requested pre-stocked groceries, costs while en-route to Italy such as taxis and tips, and the city tourist tax (paid in cash on arrival).  While on the Amalfi Coast, there are bank ATMs (bancomat) that can be used to conveniently withdraw cash in euros when needed.  Keep in mind there may be a daily limit imposed by your bank.

Is there air-conditioning?

Most of the properties have air-conditioning and it will be noted on the property detail page. Air conditioning is typically not "central" but mounted wall units for controlling the temperature of each room separately.  If concerned please enquire in advance.

Can you drink the water?

Yes, the tap water is drinkable. Some of our guests choose to drink bottled water that can easily be purchased from a local mini-market.

Can you help us organize activities and trips while we’re on holiday?

Of course! We're pleased to offer recommendations and information on the area based on your interests both before and during your stay.

Why can’t I view the property's exact address before booking?

The map pin on the property's listing page is accurate and can be used to assess its exact location. After your booking is confirmed, you will be sent an information packet with the property’s full address as well as other important information in order to begin preparing for your holiday.

Can I arrange for additional services at the property?

If you require any additional services at the property during your stay, please get in touch with your villa contact. Additional services may incur a fee, so please enquire. Requested services that incur fees must be paid locally (typically in cash) prior to departure.


What does the rental price include?

Each villa on our website has a property description and a list of items/services included in the rental price. Items or services NOT included in the rental price are also noted within each villa’s property description. Please refer to the villa’s description to carefully review this information before booking and contact us with any questions about fees.

Does the rental price include VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in the quoted price.

Why do I have to pay a booking deposit?

The 30% non-refundable booking deposit guarantees that your chosen property is reserved for the specific dates you requested.

When is the full amount due?

The full booking amount is due sixty-five (65) days prior to the check-in date. If a booking is made within 65-days of the check-in date, the full amount will be due at the time of booking.

What is the city tourism tax?

Each city/town hall has designated a tourism tax relevant to bookings made at hotels and vacation rentals. The tax varies from city to city and also by designation (five-star vs. three-star hotel, for example). Please enquire with us for the rate you will be expected to pay. Most vacation rentals require the tax paid upfront in cash during the check-in process. The amount will be calculated based on the number of guests and nights (children under 10-years are exempt) and a receipt will be provided.

Are there any additional costs?

Items or services not included in the rental price are noted within each villa’s property description. Any additional costs for services not included in the rental price are to be paid locally in cash (EUR) either at the moment of service with the vendor or prior to departure if arranged with the villa manager.

Can I cancel my stay and get a refund?

The 30% booking deposit is non-refundable. Depending on the date of cancelation, the remaining balance may be subject to cancelation fees set forth in the cancelation policy of the booking conditions. Please review the terms prior to booking.

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