Festa del Pesce - Positano's Annual Fish Festival

Italians enjoy outdoor dining and celebrating the culinary traditions of their regions. The Amalfi Coast towns have numerous food festivals — called sagre — with outdoor stalls to sample local specialties and music, entertainment and other festivities.  

If you visit in late September, just about all of Positano turns out to celebrate the end of the high season at the Festa del Pesce fish festival on Fornillo Beach. A free boat shuttle takes guests on a short ride from the main beach over to Fornillo in the evening. There are food stands set up with menus consisting of local favorites like totani e patate (squid and potatoes), frittura mista (fried fish or calamari), insalata di polipo (octopus salad), and zuppa di cozze (mussel soup). Cold beer and local wine are served, while live music with fireworks complete the festive scene.  And with many locals attending each year, it's a great time to practice your Italian!

Check out the festival's website for the date of this year's fish festival!

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