How to Get to Positano

A question our guests frequently ask us is, "What is the best way to get to Positano from ....?"

The answer to that question is not simple, so it's good to have an open mind and remember that the most beautiful places on earth are often the ones most difficult to reach!

Here are some tips and facts from a local's perspective that may help ease the arrival process and save a lot of travel stress.


  • There are no trains that arrive directly to Positano
  • One can arrive to Positano by land (car, bus, etc.) or by sea (private boat or ferry)
  • Ferry services may not be an option when there are rough seas, even when the weather is pleasant
  • The coastal terrain is very hilly with winding roads along steep cliffs
  • Large buses, motorcycles, cars, vans, and cyclists ALL share the narrow road spaces
  • The road signs will be in Italian (and in km) and may not be easily read
  • There are toll roads along the highways (autostrade) so be sure to carry cash in euros
  • Distance from Naples to Positano is about 58km, which is about a 1.15 hour drive
  • Distance from Rome to Positano is about 274km, which is about a 3.5 hour drive
  • GPS is not always accurate!


  • The closest commercial airports to Positano are Naples (NAP) and Rome (FCO)
  • The closest private airports are in Naples and Salerno


Car Servcie*

By far the most stress-free way to arrive to Positano is by hired car service either from Rome or Naples. A professional and licensed driver will pick you up and bring you directly to the villa. It's WORTH the cost. In our experience, the majority of our guests have thanked us for recommending this option as they soon realize how difficult and complicated the drive can become.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend hiring a taxi directly at the airport or train station as you will likely pay double the fare and/or the driver may not be properly licensed.  We will gladly provide you with contacts for a professional car service to reserve your transfer in advance.

Rental Car

Some guests choose to rent a car and arrive with their vehicle to Positano. Keep in mind that most villas do NOT have on-site parking. A parking garage will need to be arranged in advance for a daily fee. However it's really not necessary to have a car during your stay on the Amalfi Coast. Positano is a walkable town and there are public transportation options like the bus, ferries, scooter rentals, and car services for hire when you need to move around.

* A great experience to combine with either your arrival or departure from Positano is a stop along the way at the archeological sites of Pompeii or Herculaneum (Ercolano). Considering you'll have your luggage with you, we recommend this ONLY if you have hired a car service to escort you on your transfer to/from Positano. If you have a rental car and will be driving yourself, it's never a good idea to leave your luggage and personal belongings in the car while you tour these sites.



From FCO airport, take the internal Leonardo Express train to Rome’s Termini station (about 30 min. ride). From Termini, take the fast train Frecciarossa to Napoli Centrale (about 1.10 hour ride).


From the Naples train station Napoli Centrale, we recommend hiring a car service to bring you to Positano. The drive is about 1.15 hours, depending on traffic.

NOTE: A local train line (Circumvesuviana) runs between Naples and Sorrento. We do NOT recommend this as a travel option especially if you have luggage with you. The train makes many stops, is often crowded and dirty, and arrives only as far as Sorrento. From Sorrento you will have to take the SITA bus or hire a taxi to Positano, which can be both costly in time and money, as well as extremely stressful.


Bus (SITA) travel is economical, but also very difficult during the spring/summer months, especially with luggage in hand. It can be very stressful to arrive in this way. The drive will be very windy in many areas, the bus may be crowded and hot, and you may even have to stand. The bus schedules can be found here at this link, however we caution that it's not the way we recommend starting your holiday.


A pleasant way to arrive to Positano is by ferry. However consider that once down at the port/beach level, there are no cars or taxis permitted in the area. So a good hike up the hill of about 15-minutes will be required to reach town center (Piazza dei Mulini). With advanced notice, a porter service can be arranged for a fee to help bring your luggage up to Piazza dei Mulini. From there, you'll require a taxi or you can take the local bus to your designated property.

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