10 Italian Phrases to Know When Visiting the Amalfi Coast

Why not make the most of your time traveling to the Amalfi Coast and learn a few Italian key words? Not only will they likely be useful but very appreciated by the locals. Remember, a buongiorno and a smile will go a long way! Here are ten handy words and phrases to put to memory before you go:

1. Grazie - Thank you
If you only learn one word in Italian, let it be this one.

2. Per favore / Per piacere - Please
Either one will do, however per piacere tends to be used more frequently in the south.

3. Prego - You’re welcome
This is also used as a generic welcoming word, for example, when a shopkeeper greets you upon entering, or when a waiter holds your chair while waiting for you to sit.

4. Salve / Ciao - Hello (to a stranger) / Hello (someone familiar)
An informal way of greeting someone.

5. Buongiorno / Buonasera - Good morning / Good evening
Depending on the time of day - buongiorno being used in the morning until about 3 or 4 p.m. before switching to buonasera.  This phrase can be used to greet anyone and is more polite.

6. Dov’è…? - Where is…?
A simple yet useful phrase for asking about the location of something.

7. Mi scusi? or Posso? - Excuse me? - May I?
It’s always polite to initiate a question with this phrase. Especially when entering a shop or place of business.

8. Vorrei - I would like…
A much more polite way of saying “I want.” The trick is learning to roll those r’s!

9. Parla inglese? - Do you speak English?
It’s generally best to ask this before assuming. It could be considered rude if you simply start speaking English to someone and expect him or her to understand.

10. Piacere - Nice to meet you / It’s a pleasure
This is a great word that goes a long way and will impress.

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