Minori’s Maritime Archaeological Villa

A small treasure of the Amalfi Coast, not very well known, as it deserves, is Minori’s Maritime archaeological Villa, dating back to I century A.D.

From what historians understand, this villa was already known in the 800s, when the area was known with the name of "Caves", but the archaeological excavations began only in 1932, when the villa was discovered accidentally by a mason, who after making a hole on the floor of the property where he worked, discovered below a very large area. 

The Villa, as we see it today, is the result of further work and excavations after 1954.

Formerly the Villa covered a space of about 2.500sqm and was accessible directly from the sea. You can now visit the maritime part only, where you can admire either fragments of the mosaics that decorated the floors and stuccos and frescoes that embellished the structure.

The visit is completed by the triclinium, the thermal baths and, on the upper floor, by the Antiquarium, that exposes most of the finds from the Roman period found both here and in the neighboring towns, as well as artifacts found underwater at sea.

To jump back in time to the Julio-Claudian age, you just have to go to Minori and treat yourself with the visit, free, of this piece of antiquity absorbed in this small town on the Amalfi Coast.

Photos courtesy villaromanaminori.com

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