One of the watchtowers on the Coast: the Ziro Tower

The Ziro Tower is a testimony of the many towers built to defend the Amalfi Coast from Saracens (pirates) raids. However, it’s famous also for the history of the Duchess of Aragon.
It is said that at the beginning of 1500 Giovanna d'Aragona and her two sons were locked up here and then killed by the duchess's brothers. Her downfall was the secret relationship undertaken with the court butler, after the death of her husband Alfonso Piccolomini, duke of Amalfi, from which the two sons were born.
The sad stories were told in the Renaissance novel by Matteo Bandello and in the masterpiece of the Elizabethan theater by John Webster, The Tragedy of the Dutchess of Malfy.
Today Ziro tower is a destination for numerous walks that allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast.
The walk begins from the little sqaure of Pontone, a small fraction of Scala reachable by bus or on foot from Ravello, and goes down for 4-5 km to Atrani, for a duration of about three hours, immersed in nature and history.

Photo courtesy livingamalfi.com

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