St. Andrew's Cathedral & the Cloister of Paradise

Undisputed symbol of Amalfi is certainly the Cathedral of St. Andrew that with its majestic staircase dominates the main square. 
Among the numerous beauties of the monument in Norman Arabian style, a particular mention goes to the top of the bell tower, dating back to 1276, whose motif with majolica is a distinctive feature common to many other bell towers of the Amalfi Coast and Campania in general; and to the Byzantine bronze doors dating back to the XI century. 
In the Crypt of the Cathedral the relics of Saint Andrew are preserved since 1208. Here every year on the occasion of the Patronal Feast the miracle of the manna was renewed, with its miraculous effects. 
From the inside of the Cathedral, there is the access to other two places: 
- The Basilica of the Crucifix built in the IX century on an early Christian church. Today it is home to the Museum of Holy Art of the Cathedral; 
- The Cloister of Paradise built in Arabic style in 1268, as a cemetery for the nobles of Amalfi. It is presented as a four-sided portico with intertwined pointed arches on which there are six frescoed chapels that house five sarcophagi. In the center a lush garden floods with light and peace this place rich of history.

Photo courtesy charmingitaly.com & holeinthedonut.com

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