The Abbey of Santa Maria de’ Olearia

The extraordinary beauties of the Amalfi Coast have not only attracted artists, merchants and navy over the centuries, but also monks who have decided to live and pray in what has been defined by many as a "Paradise on Earth".
It is what the hermit Peter with his nephew Giovanni decided to do between 973 and 978, when they gave life to the hermitage known today as the Abbey of Santa Maria de’ Olearia, whose name derives from the presence of olive trees in the surroundings areas.
The abbey complex is located not far from the town of Maiori along the Amalfitana Road. It is composed of three overlapping churches, built in different periods.
The most important heritage that the visitor can appreciate is the cycle of frescoes from the Middle Ages located in the three rooms. They are probably some of the oldest evidenceof wall paintings dating back to the era of the duchy of Amalfi.
In addition to this priceless testimony of antiquity, the abbey also offers a wonderful view of the Amalfi Coast, where history and breathtaking views give visitors an unforgettable experience of past and present.

Photo courtesy ilvescovado.it

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