The Compasso and the Duchy of Amalfi Museum

The Ancient Arsenals of the Maritime Republic, once the place where ships used by Amalfi for the trade in the Mediterranean were built, today host the Compasso and the Duchy of Amalfi Museum. 
In the two naves surmounted by cross vaults, the visitors attend to the representation of the splendor reached by the oldest Maritime Republic in the Middle Ages. In fact it is possible to admire a series of testimonies of the development achieved by the navigation instruments, in particular the compass. Its rivolutionary invention in 1302 is attribuited to Flavio Gioia, born in Amalfi.
Other testimonies of the political and economic progress achieved by Amalfi are: the "Pandette di Giustiniano", the code of right of navigation in the Mediterranean, "Tabula de Amalpha", the "Tarì" the amalfi currency in use in some countries that overlooked the Mediterranean and the "Consuetudines Civitatis Amalphiae" a collection of norms of social life of the city.
The exhibition includes manuscripts and parchments, statues and sculptures, some of the clothes used by the figures on the occasion of the first Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics, portraits of famous people, including the Duchess of Amalfi, whose fate ended in the Torre dello Ziro. Finally, the golden figurehead representing a winged horse concludes the re-enactment of the fascinating story of Amalfi.

Photo courtesy personaltourist.it

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