The Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere

The Amalfi Coast never stops being amazing and it is always full of wonderful surprises. One of these is the Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere. 
It is amazing that just a few steps away from the sea of ​​Amalfi, the nature has managed to create a warm-humid microclimate that has allowed the survival of very old fern species that date back to the Tertiary Era, such as the Woodwardia Radicans.  The most lucky ones will also be able to see another inhabitant of this special place: a particular kind of salamander. 
The Natural Reserve is located right in the heart of this trail, made of waterfalls, streams and lush vegetation, and it is accessible from both Amalfi and Pontone, a small town near Ravello, with a walk of around 3 hours. 
The history of the Valle delle Ferriere is very old and owes its name to the ancient ironworks that provided iron to the ancient Amalfi Republic. Also the water of the river Canneto has played an important role in the history of Amalfi, because its driving force has fed the mills of the ancient paper mills dating back to the twelfth century, still visible along the way. It is here that the handmade Amalfi paper was produced and is still renowned all over the world. 
Do not forget your camera to capture this little corner of tropical paradise!

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