The Paper Museum

The Paper Museum in Amalfi is an example of inestimable value of the production techniques of handmade paper, for which the town is still known throughout the world. 
The museum was born in 1969 froman ancient paper mill on the initiative of Nicola Milano, descendant of an ancient lineage of masters of paper. It preserves the century-old work toolsused for centuries for the production of handmade paper by usingdisused rags. 
After learning the techniques of paper processing from the Arabs, the Amalfitans have made a distinctive feature of them and the Amalfitan paper was used for private writings, judicial documents and at the courts of the Angevins, Aragonese and Bourbons, up to the present day when this type of paper is still very popular and appreciated. 
Anyone who has the opportunity to pass through Amalfi cannot miss the visit to the Paper Museum, during which it is possible to admire the ancient mills activated by the water of the river Canneto, which runs along the Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere, and also assist to the creation of handmade paper according to the ancient procedures.

Photo courtesy livesalerno.com

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